Making a Will

Making a Will or beginning to write a Will is often one of those tasks that gets put off, but there comes a time when you are likely to want to ensure that your affairs are in order when the time comes.

Our Private Client Solicitors are experts in Will writing, and invest a lot of time in making sure you get what you want and that it works.

Start making a Will online: Online Will Questionnaire (PDF Form) >

Making a Will
We make Wills that are bespoke to you, unlike some providers we will not provide a cheap headline price and make several additions in cost once we have received your information. Our Wills are tailored to you and your family and here we outline what you can expect from us:

  • A Will bespoke to you and your family
  • A bespoke review of inheritance tax position, including a meeting or call to discuss basic advice on possible actions to mitigate tax
  • We will gather information about your family and the make-up of your estate to enable us to advise on whether or not Inheritance is an issue.
  • We will importantly look at potential pitfalls with your proposals
  • We find out your wishes and assess your attitude to certain things, e.g. the age in which children should inherit.
  • We explore such things as what provisions should be made if a major beneficiary dies prematurely or at the same time as you.
  • We then draft a will which is sent to you along with a detailed commentary designed to ensure that you understand everything in the Will.
  • We then store your Will free of charge.

Digital Assets in a will
Do you have countless logins or passwords to vital information that would be useful to include as part of your will?

Have you considered your Digital Assets when making a Will?

What is the cost of a Will?

The cost of making a basic Will (prices inclusive of VAT) is broken down as follows:

Single Will =  £540 Inc VAT
(Tailored Meeting + Preparation Fee).

Couples Will =  £720 Inc VAT
(Tailored Meeting + Preparation Fee).

You can choose to only have a tailored meeting at a reduced cost before deciding to proceed with the Will preparation.

More complex Wills incorporating multiple gifts, Trusts or Tax planning can cost more depending on the type of trust. As a guide for making a Will and Trust together you will be looking at costs in excess of £800. We will be able to assess the overall costs of your Will at our initial meeting. 

Updating a Will
If there is only minor changes required to existing Wills or when a Will is included as part of a property move with us the fees will be much lower.

Disputing a will / disputing inheritance?
Maybe you think you have grounds to challenge a Will, inheritance or have not been provided for:

How much will it cost to challenge a will?

Removing an executor from a will – can you / should you?

Unfairly left out of a will?

Whether you are an individual beneficiary, a trustee, an executor or an administrator, whether you are a claimant or defendant, we have experience in acting for you. Our Dispute Resolution team can advise you.


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Make a will online

If you would like to start the process of making a will. Fill in our will questionnaire and submit the form by email to our specialist team. We can then create a will tailored for you from the details you provide. 

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