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Herrington Carmichael has dedicated Immigration lawyers, our specialists work with businesses to ensure you are compliant and your immigration needs are met.

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Business Immigration Lawyers

Herrington Carmichael have a specialist immigration team who will ensure that you are provided with expert, high-quality advice whilst also receiving a personalised, bespoke service.

Our specialists assist organisations who employ migrant workers from outside of the UK, with our range of services helping employers throughout the immigration process to ensure they meet all requirements and fulfil the necessary responsibilities.

We pride ourselves with staying up to date with the everchanging laws and are quick to act and adapt accordingly to ensure our clients receive the best advice, service and turnaround times. 

Compliance & Training
Immigration Audit Services
Sponsor Licences
Sponsor Management System
Recruitment of Migrants
Work Visas

Compliance & Training

As a registered sponsor, immigration compliance is compulsory. There are onerous duties in relation to reporting of migrants’ whereabouts and any change of circumstances.

We can offer training, guidance and support throughout the duration of your sponsor licence to ensure compliance with all sponsor duties. 

Compliance & Training FAQs

Immigration Audit Services

The purpose of an immigration audit is to identify and resolve any areas of non-compliance in your organisation. It is an assessment and review of HR documents, systems, and processes to ensure compliance in readiness for sponsorship and for potential visits from the Home Office.

All organisations that are sponsors are eligible to have an inspection at any point in their licence lifetime. 

Immigration Audit Services FAQs

Sponsor Licences

All organisations wishing to recruit migrant workers will require a Sponsor Licence. In order to sponsor migrant workers an organisation must obtain a Sponsor Licence. 

Prior to obtaining a sponsor licence, you will need to ensure you are compliant and meet requirements. 

Sponsor Licences FAQs

Sponsor Management System

The Sponsor Management System exists to fulfil record keeping and reporting duties that all sponsor licence holders need to comply with. 

As a Sponsor Licence holder, you will need to appoint people within the organisation to fulfil three key roles on the Sponsor Management System. We can act as your legal representatives in fulfilling some of these duties. 

Sponsor Management System FAQs

Recruitment of Migrants

In order to recruit migrants for roles in your organisation, they will need to obtain a visa that gives them the legal right to work and live in the UK.  For them to get a work visa, your organisation needs to hold a Sponsor Licence that gives you the power to sign a certificate of sponsorship which states that you take responsibility of the individual by providing permanent work, within a certain salary bracket to ensure they do not become dependent on government resources.

The Home Office requires these certificates in order to grant the work visa application access to the UK. 

There are various work visas that you can obtain a sponsor licence for. Explore them to find which visas you need to sponsor in order to submit your application. 

Work Visas

A work visa gives an individual who is not a British citizen the legal right to live and work in the UK. There are a variety of work visa types according to industry, economic need and labour shortages. Each visa has strict requirements and guidelines.

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I am an individual. Can I use your immigration services?

Yes. We help people who wish to immigrate from a personal capacity, as well as people who are immigrating for work purposes. We offer an obligation-free 10-minute consultation where we can get a better understanding of your situation and offer some guidance. 

Is it necessary to make use of Immigration Lawyers?

It is possible to manage corporate immigration in-house without a solicitor. However, the process can be long and require a lot of information using legal-jargon in an industry with everchanging laws and regulations. Using immigration experts gives you peace of mind that you are compliant. Our immigration experts have the requisite expertise and experience to ensure that your application is accurate, complete and submitted on time.

Is it easy to hire migrant workers?

This depends on the type of visa you require, how compliant your current internal processes are and what industry you are in. We can advise you, get in touch with us. 

What are the fees involved?

Our fees are tailored to the services you need, whether that it assisting your company in being compliant, completing a mock audit or assisting with the visa application process. Get in touch with us and we can have an obligation-free discussion. 

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