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Our team of experienced commercial lawyers can provide specialist legal training on commercial law and regulatory law topics, tailored to suit your business.

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Training & Workshops

A single legal training session can help your staff to identify and deal with risk and issues and know when to seek further guidance. We offer training onsite or we would be pleased to host you at our offices. Alternatively, we can provide training remotely using video conferencing facilities, enabling live Q&A sessions.

We can provide training sessions which are designed to meet the needs of your business and address new or recurring issues which your business might face. We are experienced in providing training to staff across all departments, including in-house legal counsel and sales teams, to ensure that they stay ahead of current commercial law and / or regulatory law trends which might affect them in their roles within the business.

Terms in Commercial Agreements
Legal Knowledge Training
Media & Entertainment
Regulated Training Sessions

Terms in Commercial Agreements

Our commercial law team have extensive experience in providing in house training to clients, including both in person and remote training sessions. 

Our training sessions are tailored to each user and can range from hour training sessions to full day training. 

Whilst we are able to offer bespoke training courses to your business, we are in particular able to provide expert training and analysis in respect of:

  • standard terms and conditions found in commercial agreements and ways in which you can reduce your risk and increase your protection
  • an overview of the procedures to ensure that your terms are effectively incorporated into the contract by explaining the rules on incorporation and circumstances where parties enter into negotiations which may cause a “battle of the forms” situation to arise.
  • identifying the most common clauses in contracts and ways to strengthen your position in respect of them
  • the most negotiated clauses, and enable you to recognise the legal and commercial importance of them as and when they arise through the contracting process
  • key clauses which represent a risk to you and your business
  • the procedures which need to be followed in contracts  (which is often an overlooked element to contract management). 
  • Key clauses relating to data protection and intellectual property law matters.

Legal Knowledge Training

It is vital for staff across all departments to have and develop a solid understanding of how applicable legal and regulatory requirements may impact the business from a commercial perspective, as well as how it may affect their roles within the business itself. We ensure that our training is tailored to suit your business so that we can provide a relevant insight into the legal and regulatory trends affecting your business. 

Media & Entertainment

Our team of experienced media lawyers can provide specialist legal training on media law and relevant topics, tailored to suit your business.

We are able to offer training onsite, at our offices, or an location of your choosing. Alternatively, we can provide training remotely using video conferencing facilities.

Training sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your business, addressing repeated issues or new issues your business might face and provide updates on legal developments. We are experienced in providing training to staff across all departments, including in-house legal counsel and sales teams, to ensure that they are updated and aware of current media law and / or relevant media and entertainment topics which might affect them in their roles.

Some examples of topics include:

How can my business optimise influencer marketing?

  • What are the laws around influencer marketing?
  • What type of agreements should I have in place and what are the key commercial risks my business should consider when engaging with an influencer?
  • What is the CAP code and how it is enforced if there is a breach?
  • What are our top tips are on ensuring your brand is protected?

Training can be provided as a one-off refresher course, or as a point of an ongoing compliance programme.

Media & Entertainment Services

Regulated Training Sessions

We have an expert training team accustomed to working closely with boards, senior management, compliance staff and other professionals in regulated sectors like banking, insurance, financial advice and care homes. We understand the regulatory landscape and training needs for navigating FCA, CQC, CMA and other regulators’ expectations. For example, we can provide training on the Consumer Duty, Vulnerable Customers and treating customers fairly. We have also provided competition law and dawn raid training to clients.

On-site Bespoke Training
Our specialist lawyers can visit your offices to provide customised regulatory compliance training tailored to your business’ specific needs across banking, lending, investments, insurance and other regulated activities. We agree agendas with you based on the regulatory domains your business operates in, whether that be the FCA, CQC, CMA or another regulator. Our onsite bespoke sessions are interactive and provide lots of practical examples as well as answering questions, provide implementation guidance and ensure personnel fully grasp compliance obligations. Any questions can be answered.

Compliance Training Programme
For longer-term training, our team develops multi-session compliance training programmes for businesses needing an ongoing training programme on navigating and ensuring compliance with regulatory expectations and updates. We work collaboratively to identify recurring compliance risk areas and design sessions to address those vulnerabilities. Our programmes provide implementable advice reinforced through follow-up evaluations to confirm personnel comprehend policies and procedures needed to achieve regulatory compliance.

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