About Us

The speed with which the law changes today can be overwhelming. That's why it is so important to take good legal advice.

Herrington Carmichael has been on your high streets and at the heart of this community for almost two centuries. In that time we have seen two World Wars and the creation of countless trade and immigration ‘deals’, as well as,of course,the creation of the EU itself.

And through all of this Herrington Carmichael continues to retain its place at the forefront of growth, innovation and legal excellence. Whatever the legislative and economic landscape has thrown at us, we have maintained a steady course by focusing on people: it is that simple!

Whether you plan to start a company, get involved in e-commerce, buy a home, write a will, or if you have Family or Employment issues, working with lawyers who understand the intricacies of modern law is crucial.

Herrington Carmichael solicitors offer a range of high quality, legal advice to support you, your family or your business worldwide - through our easily accessible offices in LondonCamberley and Wokingham.