Our Mission, Vision & Values

Herrington Carmichael has worked hard over numerous years to create a culture that values service, relationships, growth, longevity and understanding. While our legacy and ethos guides us, we are highly motivated to move forward.

Our mission

To be a leading provider of legal services in both life and business. 

Our vision

Our commitment is to our people and our clients. We want to be more than just lawyers. We are a people orientated firm who provide holistic solutions and first-class service to a diverse range of clients. We want to be your go to professional adviser for your personal and business life cycle. We strive to provide opportunity for growth and learning, encourage ambition and foster a culture that gives Monday’s a good reputation. 

People and relationships are central to our ethos of being a leading provider of legal solutions in both life and business.

Our Values

Our values spell out GRACE, defined as bringing honour or credit to something or someone by one’s attendance or participation. It’s not one of our brand values, rather, a happy coincidence. 


Through carefully thought-out strategies, our teams are continuously growing in both size and knowledge as our people successfully strive to be the best in their field. Our commitment is to grow our people as individuals, knowing they will play a key role in the future of our firm. We believe in empowering staff through continuous learning and training at all levels, as well as giving space and opportunity for innovation.


In business and in life, it is the relationships we make and the people we invest into that are essential to our growth. Being relationship-focussed lawyers is what we believe has given us sustainable growth and success as a business. We provide legal services that first strive to understand our clients and their needs before holistically finding a solution that best benefits them. 


We are ambitious in our strategy through setting clear goals, challenging one another, and providing opportunity to grow and succeed. We provide space for everyone to achieve in an inclusive working environment.


We actively encourage collaboration, it is a core aspect of our working culture. We believe we are stronger together, helping one another and empowering each other to reach goals. 


We strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to our clients and we care about the quality of our work; we look after our people; and we care about the environment we work in. We are intentional in creating and maintaining an open and engaging working culture within first class facilities.

Best Law Firms 2024

Herrington Carmichael has once again been named in the Times Best Law Firms. We were first listed in 2023 and have once again made the Best Law Firms list for 2024.  


Best Law Firm 2024