False Domestic Abuse Allegations – what do I do?

If you have been served with court papers notifying you that your partner has applied for an injunction against you and that there is a hearing coming up in the Family Court, it is important that you take advice as soon as possible.

If you do not attend the hearing, there is a risk that an order may be made in your absence. If an order is made, there could be serious consequences if you then inadvertently breach the terms of the order.

The existence of a non-molestation injunction order could have far reaching consequences, particularly if you have children. If you do have children, an order could affect when and where you see your children, so it is important to seek legal advice early.

How we can help

Having a former partner or spouse bring domestic abuse proceedings against you is highly distressing, however, our team of highly skilled lawyers has experience in handling complex domestic abuse defence cases.

We can help you to defend a non-molestation injunction order application and ensure that your voice is heard so that you are able to rebut any untrue allegations.

We can provide advice about your options and your prospects for success so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.


Sarah Speed
Partner, Head of Family
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This reflects the law and market position at the date of publication and is written as a general guide. It does not contain definitive legal advice, which should be sought in relation to a specific matter.

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