Minister of Religion Visa (T2)

For individuals working in faith-based organisations with a job offer.  

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The Tier 2 Minister of Religion route is for an authorised person who has been sponsored to perform and conduct religious worships and faith-based organisation.

Applicants are required to score at least 70 points in total to successfully apply for the required visa and they can claim the following points under the heads of Attributes, English Language and Maintenance.

Applicants can stay up to a maximum of 3 years and 1 month, or the time given on your Certificate of Sponsorship plus 14 days, whichever is shorter. After the initial grant of leave, you can apply to extend your stay in the UK.

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We have experience of preparing successful Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa applications on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves on the presentation of our applications to the Home Office. You can be assured that your application process will be managed in a professional and organised manner.

Minister of Religion Visa (T2) FAQs

What is the Minister of Religion visa? 

This visa is for those who have been offered a job within a faith community in the UK. 

Do you need a job offer to get a Minister of Religion visa? 

Yes. As part of the application process, you will need to confirm details relating to your employer. Your employer must have a valid sponsor licence and issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship before you apply for your visa. 

Does my future employer need to sponsor me?

Yes. The organisation making the job offer needs to hold a sponsor licence and will need to provide you a certificate of sponsorship to send with your visa application. 

Do I need to meet the English language requirement?

Yes. You can do this through either of the below options:

  • Passing the Secure Engligh Language Test (SELT) from an approved provider.
  • Have a GCSE at A level, Scottish National Qualification leve 4 or 5, Scottish Higher or Advanced Higher in English, or gained it through study at a UK school under the age of 18.
  • Have a degree level qualification that was taught in English. Ecctis will need to approve that it is valid. 
What documents will I need to provide?

You will need to:

  • certificate of sponsorship reference number as provided by your future employer
  • a valid passport
  • proof of English requirement
You may also need to provide the following:
  • your biometric residence permit (BRP) or online proof of your immigration status if you are swapping from one visa to another
  • proof of your relationship with your partner and children if they are joining
  • Tuberculosis test results if you are from a qualifying country. 
How long can I stay in the UK with this visa?

The visa can last for up to 3 years 1 month. Following the initial grant of leave, you can apply to extend your visa, subject to meeting the eligibility requirements. The maximum length of stay under this visa category is 6 years. 

Can I bring my family on a Minister of Religion Visa? 

Yes, subject to meeting eligibility requirements, you can apply for your partner and children aged under 18 to join you as your dependants.  

What if I want to stay in the UK after my visa expires? 

You can extend your visa. Your dependants visas will not automatically extend and they will need to do so themselves. You need to apply for extension before your current visa expires. 

Does this visa lead to settlement/British Citizenship?

Yes, subject to meeting eligibility requirements you may be able to apply to settle permanently in the UK following 5 years on this visa. 

How long does it take to get a decision for this visa? 

Current processing times are 8 weeks when applying from inside the UK, or 3 weeks when applying from overseas. For an additional fee you can expedite the process.

How much does the visa cost?

The fees charged by Home Office can be found on their official website here

You will need to pay the healthcare (IHS) surcharge which currently stands at £1,035 per year of the visa, per applicant.
Will I need to submit my biometric information?

Yes. You will need to attend an appointment at your nearest visa centre to have your photograph taken and to submit your fingerprints. This is for your visa. 

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