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Our team of expert international commercial lawyers provide comprehensive international contract law, regulatory, international intellectual property law and international data protection law advice and support.

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International Commercial Contracts

Our International Commercial Lawyers work with businesses looking to globalise in the ever-changing world of international business.

We can help with the legal elements to allow you to grow your business overseas or to ease your entry in to the UK market. We are members of international and local chambers of commerce and attend global and local trade events to keep informed on industry trends and gain valuable insights into the global marketplace.

As English law advisors we help businesses develop and reach new markets if you are expanding into the UK , exporting from the UK , by providing strategic legal advice to manage negotiations of complex contractual arrangements such as supply of goods , supply of services , agency and distribution agreements, outsourcing agreements, manufacturing agreements and IT contracts , to dealing with overseas supply-chain issues, intellectual property and data projects. We add value to businesses looking to expand internationally by managing local counsel to keep legal spend within budget and timescales on track, and by ensuring that business contracts and operations are able to remain as consistent as possible in new territories.

International Commercial law
International Support Network
Our Experience

International Commercial law

Our International Commercial Lawyers are experienced in advising businesses looking to enter the UK market with our English law expertise in:

  • International commercial contracts such as international supply of goods and services 
  • International copyright law 
  • International intellectual property law (IP) 
  • International trademark law 
  • International data protection law
  • Regulatory law
  • Expanding into the UK

International Support Network

We are a long-standing member of the IR Global network having established relationships with over 150 firms in all major jurisdictions across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe; meaning we are well equipped to provide international legal advice and support that’s tailored to your requirements. We support our client’s international requirements by working with like-minded independent law firms around the globe or their existing counsel who share our values and provide expert legal advice. These relationships have been cultivated over many years and by investing considerable resources to ultimately be transparent and work without interruption to support your needs.

Our International Legal Services and Expat Legal Services continue to support our business growth and our network of clients and referrals worldwide.

Our Experience

We have set out a few of our International Commercial Law case studies highlighting recent international projects which we have advised on:

  • Advice to a household name brand in the electronic goods sector on a new service launch, to include coordination and management of local counsel across 4 jurisdictions in respect of localisation and translation of consumer service terms and conditions.
  • The US expansion of a household brand in electronic goods.
  • A European building products manufacturer requiring commercial regulatory advice in relation to UKCA marking
  • A leading construction company of zero carbon homes in the UK, to review and negotiate an exclusive licence agreement and draft and negotiate a bespoke service agreement with an international zero carbon home supplier.
  • A Spanish client requiring regulatory law advice in relation to influencer advertising in the UK.
  • A Netherlands company expanding into the UK required existing T&C’s and installer agreements to be localised to English law as well as advice on visa requirements for directors and drafting a director’s service contract and producing a suite of template employment contracts for use in the UK.
  • An EU and Hong Kong expansion for a niche regulatory advisory business.
  • Working with a leading service provider on contracts with customers based in Netherlands, New York, California and India, including managing local counsel.
  • English law advisors to a global manufacturer of consumer goods in respect of commercial law and competition law considerations related to UK distribution agreement.
  • Working with a global electronic component manufacturer on pan-European Master Services Agreement in respect of logistics and warehousing services in the Netherlands, to include management and co-ordination of local counsel.
  • A complex software licence and support agreement which incorporated US law concepts and negotiating complex damages points with US counsel for a leading service provider in the banking services sector.
  • Drafting an agreement for the exclusive distribution and support services by a new technology company for the distribution of software used by transport operators within the EU into the UK market.
  • International data transfers for a US-based international sales, marketing and e-learning corporation.


What jurisdictions have we advised in?
Our Commercial Contract Lawyers have assisted on cross border projects (whether that be advising on cross-border contracts governed by English law, or arranging local counsel on contracts governed by foreign laws)– recent jurisdictions include US, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, South Africa and numerous jurisdictions across Europe.
Which law applies to an international contract?
The contract will specify what law is applicable to disputes, claims or interpretation of the contract. If there is no governing law clause, then there are a number of international conventions which could determine based on the location of the parties and activities under the contract. 
Are my existing T&Cs (non-UK) valid in the UK?

If you are going to sell goods or services in the UK and want to rely on terms and conditions that are applicable outside the UK, we recommend that you seek expert legal advice due to the UK’s laws around consumer protection and unfair terms in business to business contracts as your existing T&Cs may not be compliant with English law. 

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