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An immigration audit can help identity and resolve any non-compliance issues before a Home Office inspection. 

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The purpose of an immigration audit is to identify and resolve any areas of non-compliance in your organisation. It is an assessment and review of HR documents, systems, and processes to ensure compliance in readiness sponsorship and for potential visits from the Home Office.

UK employers who are registered sponsors or are applying for registration under the Sponsor Licence route can expect, during the course of the licence or the application process, to receive a visit from a compliance officer of the Home Office sponsor licensing team.

To prevent Home Office scrutiny and penalties we can offer a mock audit to ensure the following:

  • That the processes and HR systems and practices in place enable you to meet your sponsorship duties
  • Compliance with an employer’s legal responsibilities towards the prevention of illegal working and any other relevant legislation

Full compliance will secure an ‘A’ rating licence from the sponsor team. Non-compliance could lead to the loss of your licence, failure to grant a sponsor licence, and/or a fine.

How we can help

We understand the complexities of UK immigration processes, the legal requirements and the issues arising from compliance visits. Our audit services are tailored to meet your business needs and budget whilst ensuring you avoid the potential of incurring penalties or even prosecution. We can apply an appropriately scaled audit to meet your business needs.



What is a mock immigration audit?

A mock immigration audit is a formal exercise undertaken by employers, often with the assistance of their immigration lawyers, to ensure that HR processes, systems and policies are compliant with immigration law. 

Why does the Home Office conduct audits?

The Home Office conduct audits to check that the information provided during the Sponsor Licence application process is accurate, and that you are continuing to comply with your sponsor obligations during the lifetime of the licence. 

Do I need an Immigration Lawyer to do an audit?

You can assess your systems and processes internally. However, the benefits of an employing the services of an immigration specialist will offer insight into compliance best practice,  knowledge that comes with years of working in immigration and Home Office, and allows you and your staff to feel confident and prepared for any potential Home Office inspections. It also minimises risk and the potential consequences of non-compliance, giving you peace of mind as an employer. 

When is Home Office most likely to come do an inspection?

You are likely to receive a pre-licence inspection as part of your application to sponsor licences to ensure you are compliant from the beginning. Non-compliance at this stage can result in denial of a licence and could make it harder to get one again. 

Inspections after you habe received your licence is less common, however you may be visited again when you renew your licence or if Home Office has any reason to suspect non-compliance. 

Can I refuse an inspection?

No. Home Office has full right to inspect all documents, processes and data you hold in relation to employing migrant workers. 

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