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Every company which has been incorporated within the UK is registered with Companies House and is required to make filings at Companies House. 

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UK Company Registrations

Our Company Secretarial team are able to assist with a wide range of matters relating to Companies House actions. This could be scheduled filings such as the annual confirmation statement or assistance with event driven filings such as share allotments, capital reduction, director changes etc.

Alternatively, we can help to correct past inaccurate filings which have been made so that your company’s records are up to date and accurate. Another of our Companies House services is to guide you through the regulated process of striking off your company from the register when it is no longer required.

Company House Rectifications
Companies House Filings 

Company House Rectifications

No matter how careful you may be when making a filing at Companies House, mistakes can often still be made. These mistakes are then displayed on the public register. Our company secretarial team can assist with rectifying a number of filings which are erroneous. This might include correcting information within confirmation statements, correcting share allotments or director appointments. We have also been able to assist companies where they have erroneously filed profit and loss pages within their accounts.

If a filing has been made by your company which cannot be corrected through filings at Companies House, our dispute resolution team may be able to assist with removing a filing from Companies House, through the Court Order route.

Companies House Filings 

All companies which are registered with Companies House are required to make both annual and event driven filings. From the annual confirmation statement to ad hoc filings, our team can prepare the necessary documentation for you to make all your filings correctly.

The requirement for each filing can vary, some may need resolutions or other supporting documents to be filed at Companies House and others can be made individually. We are able to prepare the necessary ancillary documents required to approve any filings which a company may need to make, including board minutes and resolutions of the shareholders where necessary.

As well as preparing the relevant documentation, we can also make the filings at Companies House on your behalf to minimise the administrative burden on your business.


How can I remove an incorrect filing from Companies House?
This depends on the erroneous filing which was made, some filings can be corrected by making a second or corrective filing at Companies House and for a filing at Companies House and for a filing which cannot be corrected, an application can be made to the Court to remove information from the register, where applicable.
What filings do I need to make at Companies House?
Every company, even dormant ones, must file annual accounts, confirmation statements and all updates for any changes in the Company’s details. 

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