Testamenten, trusts en probaten

Our experienced, pragmatic and sympathetic team of qualified lawyers can help you arrange your affairs and plan effectively for the future.

One of the most important things anyone can do is to secure the future for the ones they care about. We can’t know what will happen to us but writing a will and getting sensible advice on UK inheritance tax laws and about how best to pass on assets is an essential part of that planning process. 

Our approach will always be tailored to your needs, explore the following links to see what we can offer you:

If you would like to know how to make a will, start making a will online, fill in your details and submit our online questionnaire and we can begin to tailor your will specific to your needs: Online Will Questionnaire >

Setting up a will or updating an existing will

What is the cost of a will?
Our Wills are bespoke to you and start at £350 plus VAT for a single Will and £450 plus VAT for a pair of Wills for a couple. More complex Wills incorporating multiple gifts, Trusts or Tax planning can cost up to £800 plus VAT.  Sometimes we will agree lower fees where only minor changes are required to existing Wills or when a Will is included as part of a property move with us.

A will and a trust?

Probate or Court of Protection advice

Disputing a will / disputing inheritance?

How much will it cost to challenge a will?

Removing an executor from a will – can you / should you?

If you think you may have a claim because you have not been included in a will or not sufficiently included, click here.

Whether you are an individual beneficiary, a trustee, an executor or an administrator, whether you are a claimant or defendant, we have experience in acting for you. Our Dispute Resolution Team can help you.

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Maak een testament online

If you would like to start the process of making a will. Fill in our will questionnaire and submit the form by email to our specialist team. We can then create a will tailored for you from the details you provide. 

STEP Members

Anthony Tahourdin, Minnar Badenhorst, Sonia Dhesi and Faye HarlowSmith are members of STEP.

When you choose to use a STEP member you are working with a professional advisor who conducts their business in an open and transparent manner and behaves with integrity.


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What does it cost to challenge a will?

A poorly drafted Will can create uncertainty concerning the intentions of the deceased as to how their assets were to be distributed. 

Unfairly left out of a Will?

Under the Inheritance Act 1975 a person may have a valid claim against an estate if they have not been provided for sufficiently, or at all, in a Will. For who may claim, on what basis, and for how much…

Digital Assets in a Will.

Have you appointed a digital executor?  Will you leave access to your digital properties when you die? What do you want to happen to them, should they be stored or

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Virtuele Weekend Wills Kliniek

Virtuele Weekend Wills Kliniek

Dit is het eerste van drie artikelen die zijn ontworpen om de valkuilen van doe-het-zelf testamenten, blijvende bevoegdheden van de procureur en Probate te benadrukken.

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