Selling your home: Traditional Estate Agents vs Online Estate Agents

Aug 8, 2018

When you decide to sell your home, there are many decisions to make and costs to consider. One of which is to select the estate agent to market your property.

There are two main options to go choose from:

First is the traditional style of estate agents where there are physical stores on the high street as well as online. These estate agents tend to be more expensive with their commission fee being based on a percentage fee of the sale price.  However, they often have invaluable experience in assisting in negotiations of completion dates and chasing up all parties in the chain to progress the transactions.

Alternatively, there is a choice of an online estate agent.  The use of online estate agents has increased dramatically in the last few years and this is reflected by the rising number of online companies being set up to offer such a service.  The advantage of online estate agents, as portrayed on the advertising, is a reduced cost to sellers as the estate agents do not have to pay large overheads for rent on shop premises.  However, some online estate agents do not get so involved with the conveyancing process compared to the traditional estate agents.

Whether you decide to use a traditional estate agent or an online estate agent, you should ensure you make the right decision for you.  There are comparison websites which can assist you in reaching your decision that consider the time it took to sell a property with an estate agent and also the percentage amount of the asking price they achieve.

It is also important to pick a Solicitor that is right for you.  If you would like a free no obligation estimate of our fees for selling your home then please do not hesitate to contact Leanne Wood via email on