Councils to protect mobile home owners under new laws

Nov 26, 2018

The idea of owning a mobile home for many people can seem ideal, particularly if the home is located near the seaside. However, the reality of owning a mobile home can be quite different especially when site owners are deemed to be acting unfairly. There are some site owners who charge excessive rents and have been known to rapidly increase the rents. It is alleged that some site owners have charged mobile home owners too much for repair works which have either been not required or have been to a poor standard. This has often caused home owners to struggle financially.  There have also been concerns that some of site owners can be quite persistent in obtaining their rents.

The Government is considering passing new laws to enable Councils to set up their own register of site owners. The list would enable them to record who the Council feels are ‘fit and proper’ to be able to run the sites. It would also give Council’s the power to fine site owners or even ban them if they feel they are acting outside of the rules. Additionally, the Government is trying to ensure that the mobile home owners only pay for charges for services which they require as part of their pitch fees.  The new rules will clearly define what is meant by the term ‘pitch fee’, so it is obvious as to what can be claimed to be included in this fee. The Government has stated this will also help to prevent written agreements which allow for service charges to be variable rather than a fixed cost, so as to make it harder for site owners to change the service charge dramatically.

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