Problems with Builders and the work on your Home

If you have contracted with a reputable Builder to carry out extensive and expensive works it is entirely possible you will have entered into a properly constituted JCT Small Buildings Work Contract. If you have issues with the Builder about the quality of the work done or whether he should be paid, that Contract will generally contain the necessary clauses to dictate how those issues are to be resolved.

There will normally be a Dispute Resolution Clause which will set out how either side can raise a dispute and have it dealt with in a certain way. This may include Adjudication in which case click here to go to our Construction Dispute page and see our Adjudication fact sheet.

For smaller building works, it may well be that the Builder has provided a written estimate or even a quote as to the costs of works you have discussed with him. You have accepted the estimate/quote and work has started without a formal contract. The work that you wanted him to do may be described in a series of emails or notes written on a plan and then agreed orally.

All of that can still amount to a contract. The difficulty is that the less that is written down, the more difficult it is to be clear as to what the contract really consisted of. Click here to access our Building Dispute fact sheet.

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