Construction Disputes

We provide a full range of construction services both to those within the construction industry and to those using construction companies or professional.
These services include, avoiding liability and resolving disputes concerning:
  • late or defective construction work
  • payment disputes
  • retentions
  • terminations of construction contracts/agreement

Either to residential properties or commercial developments.

Very often construction disputes can be resolved or in some cases avoided entirely, by informed discussion at an early stage between the parties. After an early assessment of the construction contract (whether written/oral or a mixture of both) and the factual issues, we can advise as to the merits of any claim and whether reaching an amicable resolution quickly and by way of informal discussions is the best and most cost effective way to proceed.

Alternatively, we work with our clients and explore and engage in other more formal means of resolution - whether, by for example, through:

  • negotiation
  • arbitration
  • mediation
  • court action
  • adjudication
  • or a mixture of the above

Whilst a construction dispute is in many ways like any other commercial dispute it can additionally, be resolved by a process called Adjudication. This form of resolution is unique to the construction industry and widely used particularly for commercial disputes. It provides a 'rough and ready' decision within a very short timeframe and because of this and because of its peculiarities it requires specialist legal assistance that we now have considerable experience to be able to provide.

Please see our fact sheet on Adjudication for more details.

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