Will Drafting

At Herrington Carmichael we believe that your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever prepare. For this reason we invest a lot of time and talent in making sure you get what you want and that it works.

Unlike many so called Will draftsmen we do not use a computer program to prepare your Will, rather each Will is drawn to your requirements by using a specialist going through the following stages.

  1. Information gathering. We ask detailed questions about your family and the make up of your estate. This enables us to advise on whether or not Inheritance or any other tax is an issue. It also enables us to advise on whether or not any of your intentions could cause problems or if there are any special provisions that you ought to include in your Will.
  2. We find out your wishes and assess your attitude to such things as the age at which children should inherit.
  3. We explore such things as what provisions should be made if a major beneficiary dies prematurely or at the same time as you.
  4. After this we draft a Will which is sent to you together with a detailed commentary designed to ensure that you really do understand everything in the Will. However hard we try to use plain English the nature of most legal documents is that they are not always easy to understand.
  5. The Will is signed.
  6. If so requested by you we shall store your Will free of charge.
  7. You will have access to our free Will Review Service.

What does this all cost?

Less than you might think. In advance of any appointment we shall give you a range of likely prices and then when we meet you we will quote you a competitive price without any hidden extras. Many Will drafters quote a very cheap headline price but then add on a raft of extra charges for many of the items that are a standard part of our service.

Please click here to download a Will Questionnaire.

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