Business Disputes

Facing a difference of opinion?

Is it causing you stress & frustration?

Through listening asking questions and building a relationship, we work together with you to find a solution to your problem. Don't let a disagreement become an overwhelming issue, have our Dispute Resolution Team find the right direction for you -

It is not all about confrontation and the Courts -
We will do our best to keep you out of Court whilst still getting the best possible outcome in terms of time and money. Use the list on the right hand side to find out more information about a problem and download any of our factsheets for more assistance. 

I have a business dispute - how can I get an initial assessment?
Use our Free Costs Benefit Analysis Report - "Is the Dispute Worth It?"

This is only available to business clients and will provide you with an initial assessment of strengths and weaknesses, suggested next steps and an early estimate of likely costs. All it needs you to do is upload some key documents and provide a brief summary of events. Click here to take you to the page where it is all explained.



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